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He is the only "God-level player" selected by Iniesta when commenting on Japanese players this year; he is also the Japanese player who impressed Fernando Torres the most. "I want to partner with him the most, because He plays so calmly behind the forwards, which always calms the game and always pays attention to the running of the forwards." In the face of the praise of the two biggest players in the history of the J League, this person just said lightly : "This is a sure moment for the path I firmly believe in."

他是伊涅斯塔(Iniesta)今年评论日本选手时唯一选择的“神级选手”。他也是日本球员,给费尔南多·托雷斯留下了最深刻的印象。 “我最想与他成为伙伴,因为他在前锋后面打得如此冷静,这总是使比赛平静下来,并始终关注前锋的运转。”面对J联赛历史上两个最大的球员的称赞,这个人轻率地说:“这是我坚信的道路上的确定时刻。”

He is Nakamura Kengo, a veteran who will turn 40 on October 31 this year. Compared with Yasuhito Endo, the first player in the J-League, and Chiryo Miura, the first player in Japanese football history, Kengang Nakamura was born ordinary and has a much smaller reputation, but his story is also full of drama and can be called a legend-


On August 29, 2020, the Kawasaki and other force arena, the Kawasaki forward and Shimizu's heartbeat battle has proceeded to the 77th minute, and the score of 3 to 0 indicates that there is no suspense in this game.


At this time, 4,798 spectators in the audience clapped together (due to the epidemic prevention and control, the number of people in each Japanese league game is limited to 5,000 people, and they cannot cheer or sing). A figure they were so familiar with took off the yellow vest and walked to the sidelines. The Kawasaki forward signaled for a substitution. Under No. 30, No. 14 is up-No. 14 Nakamura has just appeared.

此时,观众共有4798名观众鼓掌(由于流行病的预防和控制,每场日本联赛的人数限制为5,000人,他们不能欢呼或唱歌)。他们非常熟悉的人物脱下了黄色背心,走到场边。川崎前锋暗示将换人。在第30号下,第14号为上排。 14中村刚出现。

This is the 622th time that Noritsu Nakamura has played on behalf of the Kawasaki striker, and also the first time in the 2020 season. After 10 months, the midfielder soul of the Kawasaki forward, who is about to turn 40, has returned to his favorite green field. This time the wait is a bit long-because just a year ago, on November 2nd, Nakamura had just suffered a serious injury that could lead to the end of his career-it took him a full 10 months to finally return to the starting point of this new start. .

这是中村纪武代表川崎前锋出战的第622次,也是2020赛季以来的第一次。 10个月后,即将迎来40岁的川崎前锋的中场灵魂又回到了他最喜欢的绿色领域。这次等待的时间有点长,因为一年前,11月2日,中村刚受了重伤,可能会导致他的职业生涯终结-他花了整整10个月才终于回到起点这个新的开始。 。

In the 2019 season, in the 62nd minute of the Kawasaki striker's home game against Hiroshima Sanfrecce, Nakamura was injured on the field and was pulled directly from the field to the hospital. He was diagnosed with a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee and an injury to the lateral meniscus of his left knee. ——Either of these two injuries, it is possible to announce the end of a player's career, not to mention that Nakamura is almost old.

在2019赛季中,在川崎前锋对广岛Sanfrecce的主场比赛的第62分钟,中村在现场受伤,直接从现场拉到医院。他被诊断出左膝盖前十字韧带断裂,左膝盖外侧半月板受伤。 -这两种伤害中的任何一种,都有可能宣布球员职业生涯的结束,更不用说中村已经快老了。

If all goes well, the operation plus postoperative rehabilitation will take at least two months, and the subsequent recovery training will take up to seven months. This is what the doctor told Nakamura Kengang to expect. "The first sentence after Xian just heard the diagnosis result can very well explain the special nature of this person." Japanese football reporter Tomoyuki Haneda who knew Nakamura well recalled, Nakamura blurted out at the time: "Doctor, can I cut my hair now?" "Because a major operation is going to be performed, and because I am in the hospital for a while, I have to take care of it first-this is Nakamura's logic. Haneda believes, "

如果一切顺利,手术和术后康复将至少需要两个月,而随后的恢复培训将最多需要七个月。这就是医生告诉中村健刚的期望。 “西安人刚刚听到诊断结果后的第一句话可以很好地说明这个人的特殊性。”熟悉中村的日本足球记者羽田智之回忆说,中村当时脱口而出:“医生,我现在可以剪头发吗?” “由于将要进行大手术,而且因为我在医院里待了一会儿,所以我必须首先照顾好这-这是中村的逻辑。羽田相信,”

"In fact, when I first learned the news, I was very depressed. This was my first game at the age of 39 (Note: Nakamura was born on October 31, 1980). I was also surprised that my attitude changed instantly. I think this is the so-called'positive'." Nakamura said that a large part of his courage actually comes from his family-the 11-year-old eldest son Longgang is already a small player, he understands the concept of a professional player. I am very worried about whether my father will be unemployed; the 9-year-old eldest daughter Gui Na asked concerned: "You will be fine, right?" "Yeah, Dad is fine." "That's good." The 3-year-old girl's underwear In fact, I didn't understand what happened, so I just smiled at Xian. His wife Kanako comforted him when the two were alone: ​​"Since it happened, we have no choice. We can only move forward while looking for positive factors. "——"These words and scenes made me more aware that as a father and as a husband, I must work harder to move forward."

“实际上,当我第一次获悉这一消息时,我感到非常沮丧。这是我39岁时的第一场比赛(注:Nakamura出生于1980年10月31日)。我也为自己的态度立即变化感到惊讶。我认为这是所谓的“积极”。中村说,他的勇气很大一部分实际上来自于他的家庭-11岁的长子龙刚已经是个小球员了,他了解职业球员的概念。我非常担心我父亲是否会失业; 9岁的长女桂娜问到有关问题:“你会没事吧?” “是的,爸爸很好。” “非常好。” 3岁女孩的内衣实际上,我不知道发生了什么,所以我只是对西安笑了。当两个人独自一人时,他的妻子加奈子安慰他:“既然发生了,我们别无选择。我们只能在寻找积极因素的情况下前进。”-这些话语和场面使我更加意识到,作为父亲作为丈夫,我必须更加努力地前进。”

The operation was performed on November 22. Nakamura, who is used to seeing the big scene, is still inevitably nervous, because he suffered from sleepiness and other physical discomforts after two previous general anesthesia operations (in 2010, he fractured his jaw and returned in time after the operation to catch up with the World Cup; in 2014, he had an ankle. Surgery). In Nakamura's words, after that ankle surgery, he got up badly every day, "feeling that the ceiling was rotating and he couldn't get up at all." So Nakamura just suffered from insomnia the night before the operation, and his last insomnia had to be traced back to the night when he lost the 2014 World Cup squad. "No matter what I want to rely on to pass the time, I failed. I can't let myself score. My heart doesn't think about it." Before entering the operating room, he even felt that his heart rate had increased, "It was like going to a game soon."

手术是在11月22日进行的。习惯于看大场面的中村(Nakamura)仍然不可避免地会感到紧张,因为在前两次全身麻醉手术后,他遭受了困倦和其他身体不适(2010年,他骨折了,下颚骨折了。手术后赶上世界杯的时间; 2014年,他脚踝受伤(手术)。用中村的话来说,脚踝手术后,他每天都起得很厉害,“感觉天花板在旋转,根本无法起床。”因此,中村刚在手术前一夜失眠,而他的最后失眠必须追溯到他失去2014年世界杯阵容的那一晚。 “不管我想依靠什么打发时间,我都会失败。我不能让自己得分。我的内心对此一无所知。”在进入手术室之前,他甚至感到自己的心跳加快了,“这就像快要去比赛了。”

Fortunately, the operation went well. However, Kengang Nakamura still encountered a lot of trouble during the recovery period: the spread of wound infection once made him frightened, and the subsequent outbreak of the epidemic caused the rehabilitation organization to shut down and thank guests, which seriously interfered with his rehabilitation training plan... "Every time like this It was my family and friends who saved me, and they gave me a huge motivation to go.” Finally, 10 months later, Nakamura just returned, before the age of 40.


In this comeback game that was of great significance to him, Nakamura not only came on the field, but also scored. In the 85th minute, he shot with his left foot and penetrated the opponent's gate to rewrite the score to 4-0. (The final score is 5 to 0). After scoring a goal, Nakamura happily made a signature shooting celebration from the sidelines. This delicate and sensitive middle-aged man performed his signature second second.

在这场对他意义重大的复出比赛中,中村不仅上场,而且得分。在第85分钟,他用左脚射门,打入对手的大门,将比分改写为4-0。 (最终得分为5到0)。在打进一球后,中村高兴地在场外进行了一次标志性的射击庆典。这个微妙而敏感的中年男子第二秒完成了他的签名。

A few hours after the game, it was late at night in Japan. Nakamura tweeted another quietly: "If there is really a god of football, and he was injured in the same place last year, is it just for you to enjoy today? Good times, let you enjoy the joy of playing football at this age? I want to know." In this monologue, Nakamura has just recovered the long-lost hunger.


In fact, before the ordeal in November, the 2019 season was quite uncomfortable for Nakamura. He was absolutely core at the beginning of the season. After entering April, minor injuries continued, and he didn't play much for two months. Most of the time, he was a spectator and even had to resume training with the reserve team. This is why he became a Kawasaki forward in 2003. A difficult period never experienced since being a member of the team. "

实际上,在11月的苦难之前,中村的2019赛季非常不舒服。在赛季初他是绝对的核心。进入4月份后,轻伤继续,并且他两个月没有打太多球。大多数时候,他是一个旁观者,甚至不得不恢复到预备队的训练。这就是为什么他在2003年成为川崎前锋。自从成为团队成员以来,从未经历过艰难的时期。 ”

Even on a night of emotional breakdown, Nakamura Kanako blurted out to his wife Kanako, "I want to stop..." "Then stop!" The wife simply answered Nakamura's surprise. Kanako has always been the strongest supporter of Xiangang. They met in high school, entered the same university and began to fall in love. No one understood Xiangang better than Kanako. But this time, she didn't have any comfort or persuasion. Nakamura, who didn't speak any more, carefully savored the meaning of his wife."


Until July 7, Nakamura returned to the starting lineup and found the most familiar feeling. "In those two months, everyone kept asking:'What happened to Xiangang?' And I want everyone to think'Xiangang, you did a good job.' Only I can do this on the court. "The familiar Nakamura Ken just returned, but the scene of November 2 appeared again. A more deadly injury, but also a more violent stimulation.

直到7月7日,Nakamura回到了首发阵容,发现了最熟悉的感觉。 “在那两个月里,每个人都在问:'仙岗出了什么事?'我希望每个人都认为“咸港,您做得很好。”只有我能在球场上做到这一点。“熟悉的中村健刚回来,但11月2日的场面再次出现。更致命的伤害,也更猛烈的刺激。

How can you take it away?


Nakamura is thin, does not run fast, and has mediocre athleticism. He is not a natural winner, compared to the top stars who have stood in the spotlight since childhood.


He has been exposed to football since the first grade of elementary school. He was not outstanding among the youth players of the same age. In the end, he did not enter the professional football youth training system. Instead, he chose to study at Chuo University, a well-known private university in Japan, and became a major in English and American literature in the Department of Literature. College students. The CUHK football team was once a top Japanese team and even won the Emperor's Cup in the 1950s. However, during the period when Nakamura was studying, the Chuo University football team was at a low point. In the junior year, the team was even downgraded. For the first time in 52 years, it bid farewell to the Japanese University Kanto Division A League. One year later, he was promoted to captain. Senior Nakamura Kengang finally led his team back to the first division.


However, Nakamura Kengang graduated from this but set foot in professional football. In January 2003, he passed the evaluation of the Kawasaki Forwards as a trial trainer and officially became a member of the team. This year Nakamura was 22 years old, compared with Endo Yasuhito and Miura Chiroshi who were 17 or 18 years old. A star who joined professional football, he started too late. The Kawasaki forward of the year is far from today-the club was established at the end of 1996, joined J2 in early 1999 and was upgraded, and returned to J2 after the "one-year tour" in J1 in 2000-Nakamura joined a team and changed career only four years The new army (the only two leagues in Japanese football that were J1 and J2 were professional leagues), still as a trial trainee, can also get a glimpse of his identity at the time.

然而,中村健刚从此毕业,但涉足职业足球。 2003年1月,他通过了Kawasaki Forwards的评估,成为一名试训教练,并正式成为该团队的成员。今年的Nakamura年仅22岁,而Endo Yasuhito和Miura Chiroshi分别为17岁或18岁。他是一位加入职业橄榄球的明星,起步太晚了。今年的川崎前锋还很遥远-该俱乐部成立于1996年底,于1999年初加入J2,并进行了升级,并在2000年J1的“一年巡回赛”之后返回J2-中村一郎团队和改变了职业生涯的仅仅四年新军队(日本足球中仅有的两个联赛,J1和J2都是职业联赛),仍然作为试训生,也可以一窥他的身份。

Nakamura, who came to Kawasaki forward, has never left for 17 years. Since joining, he has been the core of the team's midfield every year. He scored goals every season. He also watched the Kawasaki forward grow from the new army to the giants in Japan. Perhaps only Nakamura Kenge knows the hardships and ups and downs, and only he has gone through the whole process.

向前来到川崎的中村(Nakamura)至今已有17年没有离亚博网站网址链接开过。自加入以来,他一直是球队中场的核心。他每个赛季都进球。他还看着川崎的前锋从新军成长为日本的巨人。也许只有中村坚(Nakamura Kenge)知道艰难困苦,也只有他经历了整个过程。

In this series of "failures", both the cup finals were lost in overtime and some were ranked second in the league due to the difference of 2 goal difference. The team’s frequent loss of chains at critical moments does not prevent Nakamura's reputation. In 2006, he and Hiroyuki Taniguchi became the first player in the history of the Kawasaki forward to be selected for the J1 season's best team. Since then, he has also been selected seven times. Lineup; also from this year, Nakamura became a Japanese international (and he has never been selected for the Japanese youth national team), and participated in the World Cup in 2010; in 2016, the Kawasaki forward ranked higher in more than half of the league rounds At the top of the list, at the last moment, he handed over the championship to the Urawa Red Diamonds. At 36 years, 1 month and 20 days, Nakamura Kenge won the J-League Most Valuable Player of the year and became the oldest individual to win the highest personal award in Japan. By……

在这一系列的“失败”中,两个杯赛决赛都因加时赛而丢失,并且由于2个进球的不同而在联盟中排名第二。团队在关键时刻频繁丢失链条并不会影响Nakamura的声誉。 2006年,他和谷口博之(Hiroyuki Taniguchi)成为了川崎历史上第一位入选J1赛季最佳阵容的球员。从那时起,他还被选出7次。排队;同样从今年开始,中村成为日本国脚(他从未入选日本青年国家队),并参加了2010年世界杯。在2016年,川崎前锋在半数以上的联赛回合中排名更高。在榜首,最亚博网站网址链接后一刻,他将冠军交给了浦和红钻队。 Nakamura Kenge在36年零1个月零20天的时间里赢得了年度J联赛最有价值球员的称号,并成为获得日本个人最高奖项的年龄最大的个人。通过……

But Nakamura has been living in deep self-doubt. "

但是中村一直生活在自我怀疑中。 ”

Fate is sometimes fair. In 2017, the Kawasaki forward finally won the league championship. That year, Kashima Antlers was accidentally tied by Iwata in the final round, and the Kawasaki forward, who won 5-0 at home, tied the points with Kashima, who had previously led 15 consecutive rounds, with 17 goals difference. The advantage won the first major championship in team history. At the waiting force arena, the 37-year-old Kengang Nakamura cried like a child."

命运有时是公平的。 2017年,川崎前锋终于获得了联赛冠军。那年,鹿岛鹿角队在最后一轮意外被岩田县绑住,而以5-0主场获胜的川崎前锋与鹿岛并列积分,鹿岛此前曾连续15场比赛领先,进球差为17个。该优势赢得了车队历史上的第一个主要冠军。在等候队伍的舞台上,37岁的中村健刚像个孩子一样哭了。”

36-year-old self-doubt, 37-year-old ecstasy and tears, 38-year-old frustration, 39-year-old re-start-this sensitive and delicate middle-aged man still struggles on the football field, he seems to draw a picture of himself unable to get out In the circle, I questioned myself time and time again, and found strength from myself again and again. He is not tall, but legendary enough. He is, Kenge Nakamura.


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