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   On the afternoon of October 4th, Shenzhen Kaisa, the first opponent of Tianjin TEDA's second stage relegation battle, regrouped, and under the leadership of coach Cruyff, began preparations for the upcoming key relegation battle. Although it is a shame to miss the place in the championship group at the last moment of the first stage, after a short holiday, Shenzu has now made clear its new goal for the next stage.


   On the afternoon of October 4th, the players of Shenzhen Kaisa officially ended their six-day holiday, resumed training at the training base, and began to prepare for the upcoming second stage of the Chinese Super League. In the first training session after the collection of vacations, all the other players appeared except for Jiang Zhipeng, who was recruited by the national team. Although the vacation time is not long, the coach of Shenzhen football coach Cruyff still allows a certain amount of recovery time for the players. The training time with the ball is only more than an hour, including short passes, steals, group confrontations and other training. content. During the training, Cruyff emphasized the coordination of passing and running between the players. In his opinion, the special system of the second stage of the relegation battle made the offense particularly important. In the two rounds of the game, The team needs to create more offensive opportunities and score more goals. To


   On October 4th, Mai Fan, executive director and president of Shenzhen Kaisa Group Holdings and chairman of Shenzhen Football Club, hosted a family banquet for Cruyff and the coaching staff. Club management and player representatives attended.


Judging from the first stage of the Shenzhen Football Team, the team’s performance has gone out of a V-shaped curve. Before the start of the season, they had a large-scale signing in their first game and their 3-0 victory over Guangzhou R&F raised the expectations of the outside world. But the subsequent wave of losing streak directly led to coach Donadoni’s dismissal. It was after Donadoni was fired that Cruyff Jr. was quickly finalized to take over the team, reflecting the Shenzhen team’s management response. When there is a crisis, it is broken.


   After acting coach Zhang Xiaorui took office, he reorganized the deep-foot coaching staff, Gao Lin served as assistant coach and captain, Guan Zhen served as acting goalkeeper coach, Yuan Weiwei and Li Jianhua also rushed to Dalian from Shenzhen. It is worth noting that this coaching staff with an average age of only 37 years has achieved 2 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss and 8 points in the 5 rounds of the league. In a very special period, this young coaching staff stabilized the team and laid the groundwork for the arrival of coach Cruyff.


Cruyff successfully took over the coach and once became a strong contender in the Dalian division for a seat in the championship group. However, in the end they still failed to make the last laugh in the competition with Shenhua, with 5 wins, 2 draws and 7 losses. The score of 17 points ranked fifth in the Dalian Division, but unfortunately missed the qualification to enter the championship group. However, whether it is the competitiveness and depth of the lineup demonstrated in the first stage, or the reinforcement of the foreign aid lineup again during the third transfer period, the replacement of Iranian defender Praliganji on the roster is reflected. Shenzu's strength and attitude.

克鲁伊夫成功接任了教练,并一跃成为大连分区的有力竞争者,获得了冠军组的一席之地。然而最终,他们仍然未能在与申花的比赛中笑到最后,以5胜2平7负。 17分的成绩在大连赛区排名第五,但不幸的是错过了进入冠军组的资格。但是,无论是第一阶段展示的阵容的竞争力和深度,还是第三次转会期间再次加强外援阵容,都反映出在名单上伊朗后卫普拉里甘吉的替换。神族的力量和态度。

   Actually, compared to the relegated team last year, Shen Foot has completely changed its appearance. If it weren't for injuries and running-in issues, the first stage results could have even greater breakthroughs. After losing to Jiangsu Suning in the last game of the first stage, Suning coach Olaroyu still gave a very high evaluation. "The Shenzhen team has made great progress this year. They are currently moving in the right direction. Of course, build A team needs time. I believe Cruyff can create a good plan to help Shenzhen move forward."

实际上,与去年降级的球队相比,申足完全改变了它的外表。如果不是为了受伤和磨合问题,那么第一阶段的结果可能会取得更大的突破。在第一阶段的最后一场比赛中输给江苏苏宁后,苏宁教练奥拉罗尤仍然给予了很高的评价。 “深圳队今年取得了长足进步。他们目前正朝着正确的方向前进。当然,建立一支A队需要时间。我相信克鲁伊夫可以制定一个好的计划来帮助深圳前进。”

In the second stage of the relegation knockout, Shenzhen Football Club must first compete with Tianjin Teda for two rounds. Now the team has set the goal to complete the relegation task as early as possible. To a certain extent, from the change of coaches to the replacement of foreign aid, although The deep football team fell into the relegation group at the end of the first stage, but the team actually began to plan for the second stage early. The task before Cruyff is how to combine the existing players into a whole and stimulate the players' maximum combat effectiveness.


It is worth noting that the deep football record in the first stage of the league was 5 wins, 2 draws and 7 losses. Among them, Guangzhou R & F, Dalian Ren and Henan Jianye also achieved 5 wins and 1 loss against the teams that also entered the relegation group in the second stage. , The only loss was to Henan Jianye, but the coach at the time was Donadoni. This shows that if the coaching staff is stable and the team has the right tactics, Shenzhen Football will have a very high winning rate when facing a team that is slightly weaker than its own.

值得注意的是,亚博首页网址联赛第一阶段的出色战绩是5胜2平7负。其中,广州富力,大连人和河南建业也对进入第二阶段降级小组的车队取得了5胜1负的成绩。 ,唯一的损失是河南建业,但当时的教练是多纳多尼。这表明,如果教练组稳定并且团队拥有正确的战术,那么面对比自己弱一点的球队,深圳足球的获胜率将会很高。

   Of course, the deep foot is also very clear that the opponents that will be faced in the subsequent knockouts can no longer be viewed with "old eyes". After little Cruyff studied the signing and preparation of potential opponents very carefully, he specially reminded the players to be vigilant at all times. "The opponents have introduced new players and their strengths are already different, and we must make good use of the interval. Improve yourself and prepare for battle."

当然,深foot的脚也很清楚,在以后的淘汰赛中将面对的对手不再能用“老眼睛”来观察。小克鲁伊夫非常仔细地研究了潜在对手的签约和准备之后,他特别提醒球员要时刻保持警惕。 “对手引进了新球员,他们的长处已经不同,我们必须善用间隔时间。提高自己,为战斗做准备。”

In the first stage of the league match, Shenzhen Football scored 20 goals, ranking third in Group A goals, surpassing Luneng’s 19 goals and Shenhua’s 16 goals, but it also conceded 20 goals, ranking No. Four. Statistics on goals gained and lost show that Shenzhen Football is highly aggressive on the offensive end, but needs further improvement on the defensive end. In order to strengthen the defense line, Shenzhen Football also adjusted the lineup. In addition to the Iranian iron guard Praliganji replacing Bifuma, the now suspended goalkeeper Zhang Lu also replaced Guan Zhen and officially registered for the second stage of the competition. .

在联赛的第一阶段,深圳足球打进20球,在A组进球中排名第三,超过了鲁能的19个进球和申花的16个进球,但也失球20球,排名第四。根据进球数和输球次数的统计数据显示,深圳足球在进攻端具有很高的侵略性,但在防守端仍需要进一步改进。为了加强防守线,深圳足球还调整了阵容。除了伊朗铁卫队Praliganji取代Bifuma之外,现在暂停的守门员张露还取代了关震,并正式报名参加比赛的第二阶段。 。

Last season, the Shenzhen Football Club, who had just been promoted from the Chinese Premier League to the Chinese Super League, was relegated due to lack of experience. They were lucky enough to return to the Chinese Super League because of Tian Hai's withdrawal this season. Their on- and off-field experience has improved significantly. Repeating the mistakes of the 2019 season is the bottom line they can't break anyway.


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