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Liu Dianzuo's save error gave Guo Tianyu the first goal in the Super League. Guangzhou Evergrande lost to Shandong Luneng and suffered its first defeat since the start of the game. Li Xiaopeng's substantial personnel adjustment brought vitality to Luneng, and three foreign aids on the central axis played a key role. In the face of a hard-working opponent, Evergrande seemed a little lack of energy. The midfield connection was not smooth, and the defense made mistakes under heavy pressure. Cannavaro's anti-reverse tactics exposed shortcomings.


After the defeat against Shanghai Shenhua, Li Xiaopeng made a significant adjustment to Luneng's starting lineup. Pellet and Fellaini played at the same time, and Moises retreated above the defensive line. Evergrande’s starting lineup changed mainly in the midfield. Liao Lisheng and Huang Bowen were injured successively. Zheng Zhi had to start for two consecutive games, and Xu Xin also got a starting opportunity.


In the first game against Shanghai Shenhua, Evergrande has accumulated experience in dealing with the center line, that is, arranging a number of center defenders to guard the line. Yang Liyu will be deep in position when necessary to build a five-back system. Paulinho relies on his physical superiority to protect the periphery. Cannavaro favors the three-back/five-back system. The continuous arrangement of center-backs to guard two gates in the four-back system is an extension of this idea.

在与上海申花的第一场比赛中,恒大在处理中线方面积累了经验,即安排了许多中后卫来守卫中线。杨立宇将在必要时建立五后卫体系。 Paulinho依靠自己的身体优势来保护外围。卡纳瓦罗偏爱三后卫/五后卫系统。在四后卫系统中,连续布置中后卫以保护两个门是该思想的延伸。

Luneng launches an offensive centered on tall players and needs to invest more personnel to support the center's tactics. Evergrande’s anti-counterfeiting tactics will have more room for development. From the actual combat effect, Evergrande’s defense line has withstood the test again. The team’s problems appeared in the promotion and organization stage. The new midfield combination was relatively jerky and affected the quality of offense.


After the opening game, Evergrande based its defense on defense and blocked the wing in midfield, trying to cut off the supply line behind the Luneng Tower. Cannavaro used four central defenders to form a rear defense. The frontal defensive ability of the defending line is very strong. The four midfielders on both sides of Zheng Zhi have very strict protection of the wing. It is difficult for Luneng to penetrate the ground.


The side channel was blocked. On the one hand, Luneng directly used a long pass to contact the center to complete the advancement. On the other hand, it strengthened the frontcourt and pushed forward the attacking location. When Evergrande’s backcourt continues to be under pressure, the quality of passing control will be significantly reduced. Luneng’s frontcourt players are in good physical condition and the effect of pressure on the position is very good. Hengdamen Liu Dianzuo likes to use his big foot when facing the pressure. To solve the problem, it is easy to lose the ball in the process.


Evergrande scored 10 goals in the first three games, and the organization and advancement of the offense were very smooth. It is difficult for opponents to contain Evergrande’s offense. On the one hand, Evergrande’s scoring points are scattered and there are many offensive points. On the other hand, Evergrande can use multiple methods to complete the advancement and it is difficult to cut off their offense from the source. .

恒大在前三场比赛中攻入10球,进攻的组织和进步非常顺利。对手很难遏制恒大的进攻。一方面,亚博网站网址链接恒大的得分点分散,进攻点很多。另一方面,恒大可以使用多种方法来完成升迁,很难从源头上切断他们的进攻。 。

Luneng's backcourt players have strong frontal defensive ability. There is no Exxon on the front line of Evergrande, and it is difficult to receive the backcourt high ball. Cannavaro's team can only patiently find a forward path from the ground. Fellaini relied on physical superiority and mobility to drive the defense of Luneng's midfielder. Evergrande's midfielder was at a disadvantage in the confrontation, and the local kicking coordination was not smooth enough. Starting four games in a row, Paulinho appeared to be heavy on foot. He did not take much advantage of the five-goal scramble for many times. The strongest point of Evergrande's midfielder stalled.


In the first half, Yang Liyu, Paulinho, Talisca and Wei Shihao did not interact enough to pass the ball forward and were repeatedly intercepted by Luneng. Despite successfully cutting off the opponent's midfield transportation line, Luneng failed to create too many threatening attacks. Evergrande can always complete a quick return to defense after losing the ball, limiting Luneng's fast attack starting speed, and forcing the opponent to switch to positional warfare mode.


After changing sides, Cannavaro adjusted his offensive strategy. Several of Evergrande's attackers paid attention to close cooperation and tried to break through Luneng's defense line from one side of the field. Just when Evergrande’s offense started to pick up, Luneng used a second offense after a set ball to complete the goal. After leading the score, Luneng began to defend with all his strength, Fellaini retreated to the backcourt to weave a "no-fly zone", and Evergrande was forced to switch to the battle.


In the past few games, Cannavaro placed Talisca in the back position. "Guangzhou Tower" deliberately reduces the ball holding and increases the off-ball impact. After holding the ball to attract the defense, it can also send forward passes in time, slowly adapting to the role of midfielder.

在过去的几场比赛中,卡纳瓦罗将塔利斯卡放在了后排位置。 “广州塔”有意减少持球次数并增加离场影响。在握住球以吸引防守者之后,它还可以及时发送前传,慢慢适应中场的角色。

Evergrande launched a general offensive, Taliska began to enter the frontcourt, and his problems were exposed. Taliska has a high center of gravity. It is easy to steal when dribbling the ball in the frontcourt. He lacks the blasting ability of a flanking attacker, and he almost never chooses to pass from the bottom. Inner attack is his main attack method. In the youth storm of Evergrande, Talisca seemed a little out of place, and the tacit understanding with Yang Liyu, Wei Shihao and others needs to be improved.


After the start of the match, Evergrande was able to control the game by "defending the center and driving the offense" against the three teams that are known for offense, limiting the opponent while playing its own offensive characteristics. In this battle, Evergrande’s defensive quality is still above the standard, but the connection and transition of the midfield are not well done, and the positional attack in the case of lagging behind has not achieved the expected effect.


Anti-counterfeiting tactics are not omnipotent. Dismantling the iron bucket formation is a must-have ability for a strong team, especially Evergrande as a league squad. On the one hand, Cannavaro should give Exon and Fernando enough patience, on the other hand, he should also work hard to solve the problem of the conflict between Talisca and Wei Shihao, Yang Liyu and others, and help Evergrande to survive this period smoothly. The new and old alternate period.

防伪策略并非万能。对于一支强大的球队,尤其是作为联赛球队的恒大,拆除铁桶的组成部分是必不可少的能力。一方面,卡纳瓦罗应该给埃克森和费尔南多足够的耐心,另一方面,他也应该努力解决塔利斯卡和魏世豪,杨立宇等人之间的矛盾,并帮助恒大顺利地度过这一时期。 。新旧交替期。

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