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Original title: Ali is not reused by Tottenham, it’s not that he is not active enough, it is a wise choice to adapt to the team's tactics


Ali is not reused by Tottenham. It is not that he is not active enough. It is a wise choice to adapt to the team's tactics. Netizens pointedly pointed out that when many fans criticized Ali for not being active enough, they actually ignored his 188cm height. We expect him to fly in the backcourt with this height of shadow front, and every time he rushes into the opponent, I think it is not. realistic. Of course, you should be lazy, but I think there are objective reasons for those who rushed to the opponent's restricted area and dealt with the state of being weak. There are actually two paths left to Ali. One is to not think about the opponent's penalty zone, to improve his passing skills, defensive end position and card position ability, and play a good midfield transitioner. But we already have Loscelso and Ndombele in this position, and I don't think he can match these two with additional training. The second is to concentrate on the opponent's restricted area and find the shadow front to play. But this method of playing determines that he cannot sit firmly on the regular main force, because when facing a stronger opponent, unless our midfield control ability is against the sky, it is impossible to make him play so comfortable.


I prefer the latter. Ali is a rotation attacker. I think it's very suitable given that Bell can't play many games. Now Sun Xingmin is obviously more threatening when playing off the ball, because he can't catch up with the defender without the ball. On the contrary, Kane is obviously more threatened when he has the ball. He can pass and shoot outside the penalty area and can play and cooperate. It is difficult for the defender to predict. Judge his ball lane. Now that we are thinking about multi-line impact, it is a pleasure to have such a rotation attacker that can be considered against the opponent. The team as a whole is the most important thing. If Ali fails to meet the coach's requirements and be sold, it is reasonable. I hope that he will work hard and stay in Tottenham to prove that he has won a position. Ali is the kind of player who can stop the ball to score goals in the penalty area, which is a flash of inspiration and is very suitable for the final fight. Kane retreated, the conscious retreat feeling was from 5:2 Southampton, it is difficult to say whether it includes this one.


Ali's non-reuse has nothing to do with Kane's retreat. Kane's retreat has caused many tactical changes. Not only can he retreat and turn, he can also pass the threatening ball directly to others. After Kane retreated, at least Xiaosun and Lamela (deer) were the people who went to insert his position, and they will continue to take away the people watching the defensive side, resulting in a large gap between the two side guards. , Ali's front insert is not missing. Ali, first of all, training level, because now it is mainly based on training and competition performance to discuss the state. According to Mourinho, Ali is training hard now, so if you have a chance to play, wait patiently. Ali was on the court. Before, he did not do enough in two main aspects. One was to withdraw to assist the defense, and the other was to press forward with his companions, timing and frequency. Judging from the position of Lose and Eun Dong, this turned out to be Ali’s position, especially when pressing forward, it is obvious that Lose two goals + Eun Dong one goal, even higher than the 10th position, 9 and a half. position. The reason why Ali is not used is that they are not active, and they do not have the vision and mid-range pass organization ability of these two. As long as Ali stays in this position and maintains a moderate sense of tension, there is no problem. Ali has shortcomings, but his strengths are unique.

阿里的不重复使用与凯恩的撤退无关。凯恩的撤退引起了许多战术上的变化。他不仅可以撤退和转身,还可以将威胁球直接传给他人。凯恩撤退后,至少小松和拉梅拉(鹿)是要插上他的位置的人,他们将继续带走观看防守方的人,从而导致两个边防之间的差距很大。 ,Ali的前置插入不丢失。阿里首先是培训水平,因为现在主要是根据培训和比赛状态来讨论状态。根据穆里尼奥的说法,阿里现在正在努力训练,因亚博首页网址此,如果您有机会参加比赛,请耐心等待。阿里在球场上。以前,他在两个主要方面做得不够。一种是撤出以协助防御,另一种是与同伴,时机和频率保持一致。从Lose和Eun Dong的位置来看,这证明是Ali的位置,尤其是在向前推进时,很明显Lose 2个进球+ Eun Dong一个进球,甚至比第10个位置还高9个半。位置。不使用Ali的原因是他们不活跃,并且他们不具备这两者的视野和中距离传球组织能力。只要阿里保持这个位置并保持适度的紧张感,就没有问题。阿里有缺点,但他的长处是独特的。



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