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   Source of manuscript: Football News




As rivals in the same city, Shenhua and SIPG have played against each other in the league or in the FA Cup in the past. From the league record, SIPG leads with 8 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses. Among them, there have been double plays for three consecutive seasons. Shenhua, including the 6-1 game at the 80,000 Stadium, the last time Shenhua defeated SIPG in the league, was the second round of the 2016 league season. With the goals of Cao Yunding and Gua Lin, they reversed 2-1 to win.


Although the league has not won SIPG for a long time, in the 2017 FA Cup final, Shenhua defeated SIPG and won the championship. In the first round of the match, Shenhua won 1-0 at home. Although she lost 2-3 in the away game, she still relied on it. With the advantage of many away goals, he won the FA Cup trophy at home in SIPG.


   Like the FA Cup final, this knockout round is also two rounds. However, there is no "home and away" and there are no so-called away goals. Of course, for the two teams, there is no home court advantage, because the games are played in the Suzhou Division, but in the first stage, SIPG will fight in Suzhou, and they are more familiar with the stadium.


   It is reported that in this Shanghai Derby, the grandstand opening plan has been initially determined.


   In addition, the second round on the 23rd was originally scheduled to be held at the Suzhou Sports Center, but after consultation with all parties, it was decided that both games will be held at the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center.


   Judging from the value of the players of the two teams, SIPG is undoubtedly much higher than Shenhua.


According to the German transfer market website, the total net worth (estimated value) of the SIPG team is 56.73 million Euros. Among the five foreign players, the highest worth is Oscar with 19 million Euros; the second is Anautović’s 16 million Euros; Newly joined Australian foreign aid Mu Yi, 9.5 million euros.


Hulk, who is about to leave the team after his contract expires this year, is worth only 5 million euros, which is a lot less than his value when he joined. As for Lopez, who joined at the beginning of the year, only 1.2 million euros, which is the lowest among several local players. , The most valuable is the national gate Yan Junling, 800,000 euros.

绿巨人今年合同到期后即将离开球队,他的身价只有500万欧元,比他加盟时的身价低很多。至于在年初加入的洛佩兹,只有120万欧元,是当地几位球员中最低的。 ,最值钱的是国门严俊玲,80万欧元。

   In contrast, Shenhua's worth is relatively low, of which, the total worth is 23.78 million euros, less than half of SIPG. Among foreign aid, the newly joined Bolaños is the highest in the team at 3.2 million euros. The F horse is at 2 million euros. The captain Moreno has only 1.2 million euros due to his age. Mbia’s worth is not To half of him, only 400,000 euros. Originally, the team's most valuable foreign player was Salavi (12 million euros), but because he insisted on returning to play in the country, his registration has been revoked; among domestic players, the most valuable is Zhu Chenjie with 725,000 euros. This value is Bimbi. Ya is still high.

相比之下,神华的身价相对较低,其中,总身价为2378万欧元,不到SIPG的一半。在外援中,新加入的波拉尼奥斯以320万欧元名列队中最高。 F马的价格为200万欧元。由于年龄原因,队长莫雷诺只有120万欧元。姆比亚的身价还不到他的一半,只有40万欧元。最初,该队最有价值的外国球员是萨拉维(1200万欧元),但由于他坚持返回该国比赛,因此他的注册被撤销;在国内球员中,最有价值的是朱晨杰(725,000欧元)。此值为Bimbi。雅还很高。

   From the perspective of value, Shenhua is indeed inferior to SIPG, but football is not a paper game, nor is it a simple superposition of 11 people. There are many uncertainties in the two rounds. For SIPG, stability is the biggest advantage. In the first stage, although he also lost two games, his overall performance was fairly stable, including the double play of Guoan and winning the division championship.


The first stage of Shenhua was more difficult. Due to successive injuries of foreign players, the All China Class was used in the competition and stumbled to catch the last train of the championship group. In order to make up for Jin Xinyu’s injury and the loss of Shalawi’s departure, they introduced F horse and Bolani. Oss, but the current strength of the two is still unknown.

神华的第一阶段更加困难。由于外国选手的接连受伤,全中国组被用于比赛中,偶然发现了冠军组的最后一列火车。为了弥补金新宇的受伤和沙拉瓦(Shalawi)的离开所造成的损失,他们引进了F马和波拉尼(Bolani)。 Oss,但目前两者的实力尚不得而知。

On the morning of the 13th, SIPG conducted the last training session before the expedition at the Century Park training base. Before going to Suzhou, the team also held a mobilization meeting, "Confidence·Perseverance·Determination", which was especially emphasized by the club leaders. In addition, the senior management hopes that the players will play every game well and return to Shanghai with satisfactory results.


   It is worth mentioning that in the first stage of the Chinese Super League, SIPG stayed at the Taimei Xiangguli Hotel in the Suzhou Division. This time it is still this hotel, or Building 6, and even the rooms are exactly the same.


In an interview, Wang Shenchao said, “Through the short holiday, everyone’s mind and body have been well adjusted and they are ready to face the second stage of the game. Because it happens to be the derby, the attention is very high. Come to us That said, no matter whether the opponent is Shenhua or any other team, every game is important. As long as we can take out our own things in the game, play out the technical and tactical content assigned by the head coach, and play the team's level, I believe Get good grades."


   Shenhua also held a mobilization meeting. Club chairman Wu Xiaohui and general manager Zhou Jun demanded that the team in the second stage, as in the first stage, can play with energy and Shenhua spirit.


   At 4 pm on the 13th, Shenhua took a bus from Kangqiao Base to the Suzhou Division. Zhou Jun and Vice President Xu Wei went with the team.


Shenhua is staying at Building 9 in Xiangguli, Taimei—Building 9 is a special building in the Suzhou Division. The first stage is the residence of two newly promoted horses Yongchang and Huanghai. It is the only "shared residence" in the division. Lou," Luneng "shared" with Shenhua this time. But in fact, the interior of Building No. 9 has been partitioned, which will not affect the normal rest and training of the two teams.


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